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Welcome to New Energy Group

We are the people that obsess everyday about how to help you the Customer reduce your energy spend. We identify and deploy Energy Expense Reduction Solutions that reduce monthly energy expense, modernize your facility infrastructure and deliver superior financial performance. With over 75 years of combined experience we promise that you will be impressed with what we can do for you.

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Ireland's Energy Scene

"Ireland has a high dependence on fossil fuel mix for electricity generation currently estimated at 70% with no indigenous alternatives on the near term horizon. The Island is geographically isolated with low population densities and a price taker on international energy markets making it particularly vulnerable to turbulence in World oil and European gas markets. The threat to security of supply in addition to potential energy price shocks poses a grave economic and political risk to a gradually improving but vulnerable national economy."

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Delivering Energy Efficiency Solutions

Employing state of the art energy efficiency solutions that reduce energy expense, modernise facility infrastructure and delivers superior financial performance.


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