Why Choose NEG

The New Energy Group team and coaching staff have over 25 years experience individually in the industry.  We have made all of the mistakes possible, stepped in all the pot holes imaginable and today stand confident that you can leverage our past mistakes to implement a world class energy services initiative that focuses on your customers and their needs.

We understand the Utility business and appreciate the challenges presented by the introduction of new technologies, deregulation of traditional markets and the need to adapt in an industry about to leapfrog a century in its business transformation. We have experience in many different facets of generation, production and efficiency. We are outside the sandbox therefore at times more agile in our ability to achieve results on your behalf.

We believe that the right energy services program design can solve for compliance with Government mandated efficiency and carbon initiatives, generate new revenue streams if targeted correctly at congestion on transmission and distribution networks, and most importantly, change the game on customer retention and new customer acquisition. In a rapidly changing business environment your customers could be your most valuable asset of all.




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