Why Choose NEG

When you partner with NEG you get the full benefit of over 75 years of combined experience of the Company.  Our principals and employees have helped some of the largest companies and government agencies in the world achieve their energy and productivity goals over the last thirty years.

You get an objective overview of emerging regulatory mandates and technology solutions and how they might hurt or benefit your company,but more importantly you get the full benefit of practical knowledge applied in both areas that will allow you to meet all of your compliance needs while leveraging new and best in class emerging technologies for the built environment.

We employ tried and tested engagement processes that outfit you and your company with an energy and carbon strategy, clearly defined goals and objectives and a menu of options that can reduce your energy spend, reduce your carbon footprint and modernize your energy infrastructure in your facilities.

What sets New Energy Group apart is its ability to implement on your behalf and share the performance risk over time. What sets New Energy Group apart is its agnostic approach to technology and equipment providers, What sets New Energy Group apart is its unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction not only for customers but for its supply chains and employees.

Energy Efficiency is our passion and our only business, speak with us we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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