Why Choose NEG

When you choose NEG, an Electric Ireland partner, you can sleep at night knowing that your partner will be there every morning that you wake up.  

At NEG we are energy people. We have over 75 years of combined experience in the energy efficiency sector. We have participated in the introduction and implementation of three generations of lighting technology since the 1980’s.

We are agnostic as it relates to specific lighting manufacturers and write strict but practical performance specifications for each and every application. We only use qualified technical and trade professionals and continuously monitor our supply chains for quality, financial stability and performance.

We deliver a turnkey solution. That means you the customer have one point of contact throughout the engagement.

Given the enormity of energy expense reduction promised and the guarantee of no maintenance and repair for 5 years, it is important to have one service provider that is responsible and one service provider that will be there 5 years from now.


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