Why Choose LED

Are you one of the following –

  1. Looking to reduce overhead expense without reducing headcount or compromising quality and productivity?
  2. Looking to modernise and upgrade your workplace environment?
  3. Looking to stop those pesky unplanned lighting maintenance and emergency repair expenses?


Stop looking and consider the following.

Office and Functional Areas

LED provides superior light quality for staging and inspection areas ensuring best in class quality assurance for these critical tasks. Consider directional LED task lighting to suit employee needs and workplace task requirements. Combining low level ambient lighting with task lighting provides optimal visual conditions in your workplace environment.

Eliminate maintenance for 5 years with well-designed and fit for purpose Led lighting systems design

Manufacturing Areas

Ensuring dark spots are eliminated and providing even distribution and sustained lux levels required for specific tasks (such as operating heavy machinery in a manufacturing plant or being able to read bar codes in a warehouse) is essential. LED lighting is suitable for demanding environments, including where there is a need for wet-rated fixtures. Special coated LED bulbs and sealed fixtures are available so there is no need to stop production to replace lamps. Occupancy-based controls can dim the lighting equipment when the immediate area below is un-occupied to save even more energy.

Eliminate maintenance for 5 years with well-designed and fit for purpose Led lighting systems design

Outdoor and Car Park Areas

Outdoor lighting is essential for sustaining high levels of safety and security. This application is particularly well suited for Led replacement and in most cases offers a terrific return on investment.

Maintaining outdoor lighting is cumbersome and expensive. In most cases these fixtures are exposed to harsh weather conditions and often require bucket trucks and two technicians to just change out a lamp. Replacing high intensity discharge (HID) lamps with LED lamps greatly reduces energy cost while doubling the life of the lamp, resulting in both energy and maintenance savings.


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