Program Management Solutions

New Energy Group leverages it’s deep experience in managing energy efficiency programs for utilities in a professional and thoughtful fashion.  It tailors individual program designs for each utility and geography it operates in.  Individual program design is shaped to incorporate  the regulatory and political environment, geographic profile, technical potential and procurement criteria. Our principals and advisers have worked for and with major utilities in executive positions resulting in a deep understanding of utility culture, marketing, regulatory constraints and brand projection.  WE GET WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU.

We leverage thirty years of actual performance data from utility programs throughout the US which provides a layer of practical territory and market segmentation filters resulting in a program design that delivers the correct technical and economic drivers to affect superior market adoption rates at a price you can afford. We are an extension of our utility partners in the market place, ensuring an organized deployment of solutions for your customer base.  We work along side your business, marketing and IT departments to ensure best in class service that you can be proud of.

Our process of engagement is highlighted below and discussed in more detail in our customer engagement process discussion.





Energy efficiency acquisition is a science unto itself, rooted in carefully designed data analytic s coupled with a world class sales and engineering team underpinned by an administrative complement powered by data intelligence.


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