Ireland’s Energy Scene

In addition, generation, transmission and distribution losses are currently estimated to be 54%, i.e. (for every 1000 watts of energy put into the electric grid at the power plant, only 460 watts are available at the point of consumption). Since energy efficiency and distributed generation are delivered at the point of consumption, no generation and distribution losses occur thus making energy efficiency the most cost effective energy resource available in Ireland today.

Therefore, energy efficiency as a resource must be part of any national energy policy initiative from a solutions and cost benefit viewpoint in all future energy resource planning and energy investment initiatives.

In recent years we have witnessed a proliferation of investment in wind energy on our Island. This was largely a result of a regulatory and policy framework that enabled renewable generators to write long-term supply contracts with the Regulated Energy Company. Subsidized power contracts have ignited the growth in this sector. The promise of guaranteed long-term contracts at fixed rates of return has attracted considerable investment capital in to the sector but much more work needs to be done. While replacing fossil based generation with renewable generation is indeed the correct environmental and societal planning approach, the problem of intermittency and impact on grid reliability still needs to be addressed. Energy Efficiency, subsidized by the regulator, offers a superior return on investment.

New Energy Group wants to solve for the challenges inherent to our energy infrastructure by identifying and delivering energy efficiency and distributed solutions to our customers around the country, and introducing new and compelling grid storage solutions where and when it makes sense.


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