Customer Engagement Process

Our process is simple and designed to get the best results for you.  Depending on what industry classification you are we will recommend a process of engagement tailored to your specific needs.  No matter what customer profile you are; LED Lighting and controls are a must do now.  No study required given recent advances in LED technology, performance and equipment warranties.

There is a lot of noise in the industry about LED technology mostly a product of the traditional supply chains re positioning their services in a rapidly changing business environment but also with a flood of sub-par product entering the market peddled by the fast-buck merchants. The advancement and maturing of LED technology is turning the lighting industry on it’s head.  CUT THRU THE NOISE with New Energy Group and rest assured we will do it right and stand behind it for five years no questions asked.

When you engage with NEG on your lighting upgrade needs we will include an overview of other system recommendations whether it be manufacturing equipment, process ovens, compressed air, vacuum systems or process heating and cooling. We will examine building envelop; walls, roofs, windows and doors.  We will identify opportunities in your heating, cooling and ventilation systems as well as service water heating and controls. We will also conduct a carbon management audit.

The premise being that in addition to lighting savings our experience has shown that on average there is an additional

3% – 5% in savings in no-cost opportunities i.e. O&M savings, reduction in set points for individual systems etc

and 5% – 10% in savings for low – cost opportunities i.e. 2 – year simple payback.

Now here is where it gets interesting:  How you structure your approach needs to be tailored to your needs.  Consideration in approach are different depending on your environment.  For manufacturing it may be strictly return on investment and immediate expense reduction; For Healthcare and Higher – Ed (mission based institutions) it may be expense reduction (energy savings) leveraged to upgrade aging facility infrastructure; or for commercial property it may be about upgrading your brand and reducing the expense burden on your tenants while simultaneously increasing the value of the complex you own or manage.

Before you make a decision about lighting or energy infrastructure upgrades call NEG to discuss what’s right for you over the long term.

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